Skincare is very important when you have lupus, or when you’re 26 with the skin of a 16 year old girl. Because I have such problem skin, I often fall prey to bright and colourful looking products that promise me clear skin in 24 hours. Or commercials filled with celebrities that promise me I can look just like them if I buy a $15 bottle of Clearasil. And then I go out and buy all of these products and they do nothing for my skin except make it burn a little or give me even worse skin. But then I see a new commercial with Jennifer Lawrence on it and I know Jennifer Lawrence won’t lie to me so I go back out and buy that product too. And then the cycle continues.

Several months back I found out that a local skincare company had their products placed in the gift bags at a major Hollywood awards show. Which made me think “well if it’s good enough to give to A list celebrities, it’s good enough for me!” So I reached out to the company – Indigena Skincare – and asked if I could have some samples. They happily obliged and I showed up at their little shop in the Holiday Inn here in St. John’s. I was allowed to pick out which products appealed to me and was given a large bag of luscious samples. I was in skincare heaven!

I rushed home to try out the products for a week or so to get a feel for them before reviewing them online. Like most skincare products, even though I hoped deep down that they would work, I was just waiting to be let down. I figured I would have to find really nice ways to say “this stuff is just okay but thanks for giving me free things.” And then a lupus flare up got in the way and I developed a pretty painful rash on my face. While I had this rash I decided it wasn’t a great idea to try out new products, especially because I had a fancy steroid cream to apply on my cheeks (having lupus is super glamorous).

Now that my face isn’t being horrible, I decided to break out the products and give them the chance they really deserved. And I’m very glad to report that I don’t have to lie about these products when I say they are good. No, they are really good. I think the reason this stuff is so fabulous is because the creator doesn’t mess around with chemicals. In fact, she started Indigena Skincare as a way to regain her health after years of being exposed to toxic chemicals. Instead of chalking Indigena products full of chemicals with long names I would never be able to pronounce, Lisa Walsh (creator) started taking pure ingredients found in the land and sea around Newfoundland and Labrador and created the effective skin care products I’m about to show to you.

Indigena130325_036_1024x1024First, let’s talk about the Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub. This is an exfoliating scrub made from coconut oil, wild blueberry seeds, sugar, and citrus essential oils. There is nothing harmful in it. It gently exfoliates your skin (my favourite part is that it is so gentle that my face isn’t bright red for hours afterwards) and leaves your face refreshingly smooth. I can’t stop touching my cheek after I use it. This scrub is basically magic. It smoothes my skin so much that I hardly have to use any moisturizer before caking on my makeup. That’s a huge feat for me. This scrub is also awesome to use when your lips are nastily dry and cracking. It quickly removes dead skin. And if you accidentally ingest it like my friend Pamela did you won’t die from all of the chemicals because there are none! She said it actually tastes quite good (please don’t just sit at home eating this product).

IMG_6467_copy_1024x1024I also tried the Blueberry Bliss Face Masque. This one looks way more like a blueberry than the sugar scrub. It actually turns your face purple while you’re wearing it. The first time I tried it I definitely screwed up the water-to-masque ratio and got a huge run off of purple water down my shirt and onto my bathroom floor. But then I took my time like an adult and got the mixture just right in my hand before applying it on my face. I sort of resembled Violet from Willy Wonka when she turned into a blueberry but when I washed it off I felt extremely refreshed.

After just a week of using these products I felt comfortable enough to take a selfie without makeup (that is a huge accomplishment for me).

Look how radiant my skin is!
Look how radiant my skin is! I look like a movie star!


Indigena130325_006_1024x1024I was also given a sample of their Smooch Lip Balm. My lips are horrible. Especially when it’s cold out (which it always is in Newfoundland). They crack and peel like it’s nobody’s business. This lip balm helped tremendously. It contains organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, honey, and sweet orange essential oil. Makes for a delicious combination!


mrb_1024x1024Another product that may interest some of my readers is the Indigena Sport Muscle Recovery Balm. For anyone with a chronic illness that causes muscle aches and body pain this product could be a lifesaver – especially post workout. I used this product on my calves and shoulders after yoga and it really helped to soothe the ache almost instantly. The great thing about this balm is that it gives off the aroma of peppermint, lemon and lavender, unlike those A535-esque creams that leave a nasty smell on your skin. The oils inside this balm have natural anti-inflammatory cooling properties and with it’s natural ingredients it is safe for long term use.


If you live in St. John’s, you have no excuse not to give Indigena products a try. They are located on the main floor of the Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Road. And if you aren’t local, check out their website at http://www.indigenaskincare.com/ to find out more about their wide range of natural skincare products. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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