I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot lately. But I like to think I have good reasons for that. I will now list those reasons in a numbered list format because that is all the internet wants to read anymore:

1. Netflix is time consuming and is currently my #1 priority. Have you seen the Norwegian drama Occupied? You must. And of course there is season 4 of The Mindy Project. But let’s be honest…that only took me one day to watch.

2. I’ve been doing a lot of writing for other websites to help shed some light on what it’s like to live with a chronic illness. I recently had a story published on xoJane.com about the really awful and lonely in between that someone lives in when they are sick but can’t get a diagnosis.

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I received a lot of great feedback on the post, and some e-mails I have received from women struggling to find out why they are sick were heart-warming enough to nearly defrost this cold-hearted girl’s ticker. I also received some encouraging words from some of my favourite authors. Take a look at these sweet tweets below:

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Those twitter notifications made me squeel like a little kid. The Bloggess is my hero. Jenny Lawson and Cheryl Strayed are definitely two of the reasons why I ever started writing, so this was like Christmas.

3. I’ve been travelling a bunch this month. A couple weeks ago I flew to Halifax with Boyfriend to record an episode of Sickboy podcast. You’ve definitely heard (read) me talk (write) about Sickboy before because I’ve been a fan since they started the show. They were nice enough to invite Boyfriend and I to their studio to talk about lupus, inspiration porn, and a bunch of other things. You can check out my blog post by clicking on this exact sentence and listen to the episode here.

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4. Only a few days after returning from Halifax I grabbed my already packed suitcase (it takes me at least a month to unpack a suitcase after a trip) and headed to the airport to visit my bestie Kate in Montreal. I had a great time catching up with her and also got to meet Amber Tamblyn at her poetry reading at Librairie Dawn & Quarterly (the cutest bookstore in Montreal). I used to be on a private message board with Amber Tamblyn and some other writers so it was great to meet her after about 12 years of internet camaraderie.

Amber and I being besties.
Amber and I being besties.

5. I’ve been working on a book! I always figured I would just be so charming on the internet that someone would approach me with a book deal and then shower me in cash, but I also spend 75% of my life living in a daydream world. So I decided to suck it up and get started on a manuscript so I can try to get published someday.


(As someone who was a teaching assistant during my Masters degree I should probably tell you that ending your essays/papers with “in conclusion” will piss off the person marking your homework. But I am the boss of me now so who cares! Using it! )

I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. I will try to take better care of the ole blog and post on a regular basis – as if this actually matters to the world as a whole 😉 And on those week’s when I’m too busy/sick/lazy/there is a new Netflix original series, I will get some cool folks to pop on over and write a guest post.

Now I have to ask you guys a favour. I’m really interested in starting a segment of my blog that will be an almost sort of advice column. But you have to expect that advice to be a little funny and not too serious. So I want you to leave a comment on the blog or e-mail me at lisa@damselinadress.ca if you want to remain anonymous, and ask me whatever question you want to ask me about myself, chronic illness, lupus, etc. etc. Each week I will feature one question and my response.

Thanks you’re the best! I missed you guys.




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