Lupus is the worst. It’s a stupid disease that can attack whatever part of your body that it wants to, whenever it wants to, for however long it wants to, and we can’t cure it. It gets to run around like a child with a sugar high, breaking all the rules and we just basically sit back and say “keep doing you, lupus.”

Well I’m tired of letting lupus act like a spoiled brat and I want to do something about it because I’m really selfish and I’m sick of being sick. Because I’m not a scientist or a doctor I have decided that I will bravely wage my war against lupus the most heroic way I know how, by selling unisex awareness t-shirts. So I teamed up with my sister Kayla/her company Mosaic Marketing to create a fundraising campaign called Real Friends Wear Purple! 


Real Friends Wear Purple is a t-shirt awareness campaign. By purchasing and wearing this awesome purple shirt you will help raise awareness for everyone who lives with lupus. How does that help, you may ask? Well it not only makes lupus more easily recognizable and diagnosable, but it also allows for those of us with the disease to focus more energy on feeling better and less energy on having to explain what lupus is to everyone in the world whose only knowledge of the disease is from an episode of House.

And why purple, you may also ask? Well every May, on World Lupus Day, there is a campaign that asks for everyone around the globe to wear purple to show their support and to raise awareness, so if you buy one of our shirts you will have the perfect shirt to wear on that day so you can fit in with everyone else! And you’ll look super hot because purple looks great on everyone and don’t you owe that to yourself?

Want to hear yet another awesome thing about buying one of our shirts? The proceeds we get from this campaign are being donated to Lupus Canada, a national voluntary organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with lupus through advocacy, education, public awareness, support and research. What a great cause to support financially!

So by getting one of our t-shirts you will raise awareness, show your support for people fighting the disease, and give money towards finding a cure. Man oh man, you’re such a great, selfless person!

What’s that? You’re not actually selfless and you don’t really care about charities?

If you’re like Ron Swanson and feel little to no desire in helping others it’s okay, I get it. Let’s just look at this from another angle. What if you buy a shirt, I send that shirt money to Lupus Canada and then they go and fund this really cool research trial that actually finds a cure? You can tell people that you helped cure lupus. How would that look on your resume or your Tinder profile?! You’d have a great story to tell at parties or during networking lunches. And I will add you to my “top friends” on Facebook (if that’s still a thing). If that’s not worth $15 I don’t know what is.

If you are interested in caring about people, or you just want to take credit for that future lupus cure, please take a look at our website or Facebook event for details on pricing and shipping or click on my Damsel in a Dress Facebook page to contact me.We will be taking shirt orders until November 22nd and then sending the orders off to the printers to get the shirts printed. So if you want to buy one you will have to either contact me/order through our online store and pay by November 22nd. By the first of December I will start shipping the shirts to their respective, caring new owners.

If you have any questions about the campaign feel free to e-mail me at

Thank you to anyone who buys a shirt – your support LITERALLY means the world to me!

Can you tell that I’ve been binge watching Parks and Rec? It’s taking everything out of me not to add 15 more Ron Swanson gifs to this blog post. Okay maybe just one more as a little thank you present:

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