So you may have noticed that I just completely stopped talking about yoga. I KNOW, I KNOW, you aren’t surprised. It’s what I do. I get all gung ho about exercising for a millisecond and then I go back to carb loading like I’m preparing for some Iron Man competition and then I just post Mindy Project quotes about junk food to make myself feel better about giving up. But this time it was slightly more legitimate. Sciatica ruined all of my plans. The doctor told me to give the yoga a rest for awhile, and then the stupid pills I was on for sciatica made me feel sick and I could never finish my last week of my 30 day yoga challenge. I was pretty sad about the whole thing, because going to yoga every day (or almost every day) seriously made me feel awesome. Every morning I woke up and felt like I could just punch the whole day in its face with my productivity and positive attitude! I finally understood what Bon Jovi meant when he sang the words “with an ironclad fist, I wake up and french kiss the morning.” You do yoga, don’t you, Bon Jovi? It shows.

Anyway, the 30 day yoga challenge has come and gone and it’s been weeks since it’s end and I never did write a final post for it. I got busy going to New York, and packing, and moving, and almost dying from asthma, and trying to get through House of Cards on Netflix. Life can really get in the way of your zen sometimes.

I managed to attend about 15 classes of yoga, and also did a few at home yoga sessions during my month long challenge. I lost 7 pounds and started looking in the mirror with a giant smile on my face because I was really liking the person looking back at me. It’s amazing how different I felt after just a few weeks of regular exercise. I felt calmer, more in tune with my body, and way happier about my physical and emotional well being. I’m such an inspiration.

I encourage all of you to try yoga. Seriously. If I can do it, anyone can do it. And I actually started getting good at it. You don’t have to go to a yoga studio and spend money on it to give it a try, but going to a yoga studio certainly did make me way more excited about my practice than I would have been if I just did it in my living room every day. I get bored very easily, and there is so much Netflix in my house to distract me from yoga that I’m sure my morning practice would become my morning Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt marathon, even though I’ve already watched the whole show through 3 times. Plus there is something just so magical about being in a room filled with people who start chanting while doing yoga. It gives me the biggest goose bumps! I bet that’s how religious people feel when they go to church or something. It’s also extremely encouraging to know that there is a community of people out there who want you to grow in your practice. And you’re not allowed to have food in the studio, so if nothing else it gives you an hour away from a giant bag of gummy worms.

I’m really hoping that when my new Lupus medications start kicking in a little more I can pack up my yoga bag and head back to Moksha St. John’s. I absolutely love it there. The instructors are so supportive and nice, the studio itself is such an inviting atmosphere, and I left every class feeling revitalized and full of purpose. If you haven’t tried hot yoga yet, I encourage you to check out their $40 introductory month. It’s a great deal, and you get to do as much yoga as you want for a whole month. There’s no better way to see if hot yoga is right for you.

I just want to thank the staff at Moksha St. John’s for welcoming my quirky little yoga challenge with open arms and for supporting me on a journey of recovery and rediscovery. You guys are seriously the coolest! The fact that you didn’t point and laugh at me every time I fell out of a pose or lay in a puddle of my own sweat and tears (and sometimes blood) were signs of your absolute professionalism. You made me feel so incredibly welcomed and above all you made me feel like I could really transform myself into a yogi. Hopefully I will see you all again soon!

So folks, there are no excuses (except sciatica). Get out there and try some yoga. Either do it in your living room alone, try a dvd with a friend, or head out to a yoga studio and see what all the fuss is about. Yoga is popular for a reason. It’s the best thing ever. And it will make you feel like a hot celebrity.

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  1. Amanda
    April 6, 2015 at 12:48 pm (8 years ago)

    I love doing yoga at home, but I can never keep myself at it regularly. Maybe I’ll try some classes over my month of fitness attempts this month.


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