This week’s yoga update is short and sweet (very sweet…and you’ll see why in a second). Also, I am currently obsessed with looking at gifs of different horrible faces that Tobey Maguire has made in his films and they pretty much sum up every emotion I feel during a 60 minute hot yoga class. So I had to make this: 


Day 8: I sat on my couch and ate ice cream instead.

Day 9: Yeah, more ice cream. Quit judging me.

Day 10: I blacked out twice during hot yoga but my pigeon pose was stronger than it’s ever been. Feeling more connected to the Central Park pigeons with each passing day.

Day 11: Why eat ice cream when cake exists?

Day 12: During yin yoga we were doing this pose where you stretch our your legs in a V shape and then fold your body forward. I got the V part down pat but realized how shitty I was at the folding when the instructor said “if your head isn’t quite touching the floor that’s okay, just let me know and I will give you a block to rest your forehead on.” Meanwhile I was pretty much still sitting up straight with my chin just touching my neck. I seriously would have needed about 5 blocks to build a block tower to my forehead.

Day 13: I ran on a treadmill instead of doing yoga because it didn’t fit into my schedule that day. I felt great while running. I told myself it’s because of all the hard work I’ve done at yoga, even though I spent more time eating Hoof Prints ice cream than practicing my passive poses this week.

Day 14: Yin yoga started off a little rough as I brought myself into downward dog and watched in horror as a giant piece of chocolate chip cookie fell from my sweater onto my yoga mat. As hungry as I was, I hid the cookie under my towel instead of eating it. But after that everything went smoothly. The class was amazing, my poses were stronger than ever, and the instructor played To Build A Home by Cinematic Orchestra. I almost cried when it started playing because I was so relaxed and that song just reminds me of that moment in Friday Night Lights when Jason feels like giving up and goes overboard on the boat in Mexico but then Tim and Lyla find him on the beach and he has a new lease on life. And then it also reminds me of the movie Life as a House because the song is about building a home, and that movie is really sad too. I mean, he uses all of his money and time to build a house for the woman he paralyzed in a car accident. And then that makes me think of Joan of Arcadia and the really sad episode about Kevin’s car accident. I’m obviously failing at that part of yoga where your mind isn’t supposed to wander and you’re supposed to focus on your breath. Anyway, I managed to hold it together long enough that I didn’t ugly cry in front of a room full of zen yogis. I’m very thankful for that because I really didn’t want to start a scene and have the instructor come over because then she might have noticed the cookie on the ground by my mat.

Accurate representation of me during yoga today.


When the song was over I left the class feeling completely refreshed, excited about my practice, and itching to re-watch the first two seasons of Friday Night Lights. Seriously, such a good show.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Not only in my practice but also in my ice cream flavour choice.


1 Comment on This week’s yoga update…yupdate? Nope…doesn’t work.

  1. Katie
    March 1, 2015 at 7:37 am (7 years ago)

    This is hilarious!!! Those Tobey Maguire shots perfectly describe how I feel during yoga class.
    Also, I really appreciate how open you’re being about your 30 day challenge. It’s encouraging to see someone falter but not beat themselves up about it, and keep going.
    This post is more inspirational than you may think 😉


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