I read a lot of stories written by people about how they were diagnosed with a disease and that diagnosis prompted them to become amazing humans who think nothing but inspiring thoughts. I read those stories and I think “gosh, wouldn’t it be nice if getting sick made me a better person like them,” and then I go back to watching some filthy comedy and laughing at morally degrading jokes. I don’t think any illness could turn me into Mother Theresa. I try to find little things here and there that make me feel like I could possibly be making a difference for a millisecond and then it’s done and I pat myself on the back and say to myself “that was an example of how having a chronic illness made you a better person,” and then I spend hours watching that youtube video of the baby in a snowsuit who falls over on ice instead of using that time to do charity work in my community. I will simply never live up to someone who runs across an entire country to raise money for a disease or a child who donates all of his birthday money to a pet shelter because at the age of six he already understands the true meaning of life.

But even if I can’t write those inspiring words, I can certainly regurgitate other people’s inspiring words as a sort of a lazy, second-hand inspirational act. Which is why I decided to take some empowering quotes by a few of my favourite female icons and make them look all pretty and colourful. Because nothing says charitable and selfless like a twenty-six year old girl who instagrams quotes and puts them on the internet for other people to read.

If it makes you feel better about me, I’m posting these quotes for all those girls out there with a chronic illness who worry about being sick, have issues with self confidence or need to be reminded of how meaningful and beautiful their lives can be no matter how hard it can seem at times. Because I like them and I want them to be happy and to realize that they are wonderful, complex human beings with all sorts of abilities and that they can conquer the world if they want to!  See, I’m not all bad!





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