In the wise words of an ancient philosopher (Socrates, I believe), “of all the years to have yeared in recent years, this year has certainly been one of the yeariest.” Yeah, I made that up, but it’s been a very full year so that is my most accurate description. It is 12pm on New Year’s Eve so of course I am showered, fully dressed and sitting down at a table eating a healthy lunch and reminiscing about the last year. Okay I made that up too. I’m in my pajamas and my hair is in a mess at the top of my head and I might still be in bed, but either way I am sitting here and thinking about the crazy whirlwind that was this last year. 2014 has been a big year! So much has happened, some good and some bad. I decided to share some highlights of my year in pictures because I do enjoy focusing on the good (and also because I downloaded some new fonts that I wanted to try out).

I was lucky enough to spend all of 2014 with my amazing boyfriend and today I can’t stop thinking about how exciting it will be to spend 2015 with him as well (barf, I know). We boarded lots of planes together to see parts of the world I have always wanted to visit. We kissed each other next to the River Liffey, Edinburgh Castle, the London Eye and in some scary alley in Manchester. He probably rubbed my back as I cried in equally as many places. Apparently traveling is a very emotional experience for me. I cry when I am overwhelmed by the beauty of a new place, when their McDonalds is out of chicken nuggets, when my feet hurt, or maybe if I feel fat in a selfie we just took. This year we went to Toronto, Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and London together. We didn’t really want to kill each other once on the whole trip. And during an especially rough time for me, when I was staring up at the Tower Bridge in London and I got a text from home saying my grandmother had passed away, he was amazing to me and did absolutely everything right to help balance my grief with my still existing curiosity and desire to make the most of a special trip. He’s the best, really.

Of course this year wasn’t all happy moments all the time. My grandmother passed and there were some not so fun health issues along the way, but with that being said I would have to look back on this year as being one of hope and new beginnings. My nan is no longer suffering, so that’s a nice thing to focus on. And regardless of my religious beliefs it is comforting to entertain the idea that she’s hanging out with my pop somewhere. And as far as my health goes, I have high hopes for 2015. Apart from going into anaphylactic shock ten times this past year, I wasn’t as sick in 2014 as I was in 2013, so that’s a start. And I found out the news that I had a mass in my sinus cavity for years which was causing a myriad of problems for me, and that was successfully removed and I am fully recovered from the surgery now. I haven’t had a migraine, vertigo, nerve pain or sinus problem since! And in March 2015 I am seeing a specialist to hopefully help me figure out what has been going on with my muscles and joints.

I went to Disney World with my best friend, Melissa, and that was like a dream come true. We went on rides, we ate magnificent food, we got tipsy off of fancy drinks, we watched fireworks and dancing Christmas light shows together, and the only time we got annoyed with each other was when we were stuck outside during a thunder and lightning storm on our way to the shopping outlets.

I played lots of games with amazing friends, new and old. I went camping. I started an office job at the university and I love it there. I rode an elevator to the top of the CN Tower and stood on the glass floor (which was fun until I started crying when a bunch of tourists tried jumping up and down on it). I watched two of my very close friends (Ian Foster and Jerry Stamp) release albums that they poured so much love and hard work into, and it thrilled me to see their success because their music is beautiful and they deserve it. I recorded gang vocals for one of those cds which I can honestly say I never expected to do in my life. Yesterday my friend Clare and I started writing a television pilot which I expect to be a big hit in 2015 (ha). I made lots of friends online thanks to this very blog. I started writing for Blogher which is an online network of female bloggers that I absolutely adore. And a few days ago I had an article accepted by Hello Giggles, which will help me carry out delusions of grandeur that involve myself and Zooey Deschanel becoming besties. And to top it all off, tonight I get to dress up and go hang out with some of my real life best friends.

As far as resolutions go, I just plan on being more mindful of my health and happiness in 2015. I will try not to rush through the year. I will remind myself to take stock of all the great things happening around me. For those of you out there with a chronic illness, you should check out the article I wrote for Blogher about making resolutions for your health here. I will be trying each of those resolutions out this year, because it’s so important to at least try to be your best self. Good luck to all of you in achieving your resolutions, and don’t forget that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself today – don’t spend the whole day focusing on the things you couldn’t quite achieve in 2014, make sure you take time out of your day to remember all of the good things that happened to you or your loved ones during the last 12 months.

In the wise and overused words of Facebook’s Year in Review, it’s been a great year – thanks for being a part of it!

Here’s to a very happy and healthy 2015 for all of my blog friends!

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