You get a whale and you get a whale and you get a whale! EVERYBODY GETS A WHALE!

Okay, that’s just me exaggerating. I don’t sweat out twenty dollar bills like Oprah Winfrey.

I have reached my 1000 followers!! Hooray! Thanks to everyone for following, favouriting and sharing my blog! The support has been so wonderful!

Later today I will be actually do the draw and let everyone know who the lucky winner will be…but for now here is a sneak peak of one of the prizes in the “Lisa’s Favourite Things Prize Pack.”


Soon one of you will have the pleasure of wanting to compete with me for Mindy Kaling’s friendship when you get the honour of reading her book FOR FREE! This is a very unique one of a kind copy of her book complete with dog eared pages, crumpled paper from holding a month’s worth of my mail and a grease stain from an Egg McMuffin meal. IT WILL BE WORTH SO MUCH SOMEDAY! That’s not actually true so I am buying the WINNER a brand new copy because I’m nice like that!

This must be so exciting for you guys! In mere hours one of you will be receiving the news that you won a prize package of my favourite things, a homemade “thanks for being awesome” card AND THEN YOU WILL BE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER!

Stay tuned for the BIG announcement! I just have to painstakingly write out a bunch of ballot forms and find a hat to draw them from!

To be continued…

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