As a child my mother used to read me a book called “Leo the Late Bloomer” about a lion who was always a few steps behind his friends when it came to growing up. Since the first day she read me that book my mom has given me the nickname “Leo the Late Bloomer.” She even used it on the day I convocated from university, turning to my best friend and saying “you know we never ever thought our little Leo the Late Bloomer would graduate from a university.” The confidence my family has in my ability to achieve greatness is such a comfort.

Being Leo the Late Bloomer, I guess it’s no surprise that I didn’t become a geek until I was 25 years old. So I wrote a guest blog for Robert Catalano called “Is Everyone Geeking Out Without Me?” It’s about growing up on the sidelines of geek culture, finally embracing it just to impress my boyfriend, realizing being a geek is fun, and then it ends with a heartwarming life lesson, as all of my blog posts are known to do. (ha)

You can check it out here.

Yours sincerely,

Leo the Late Bloomer

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