The team here at Damsel in a Dress (just me) are super excited to welcome St. John’s own Boyfriend (okay he is my boyfriend from St. John’s, not boyfriend to everyone in the city) to the studio (facebook chat) for an interview to introduce the world to his new musical baby, “The Right Words EP.” 

Heralded as Newfoundland’s answer to Seth Rogen and Noel Gallagher, Matthew Hare has taken the musical world by storm. With 8 Grammy nods and 4 albums reaching platinum status (editors note: none of this is true) he has decided to return once more to the studio to share his talent with the world. Please join our team (me) in welcoming Matthew to the studio! *cue applause track*

L: Welcome to Damsel in a Dress! How are you today?

BF:  I’m excited. It’s always nice to have a new record to show people. Today is the day that people finally get to see what I’ve been working on for the last year or so.

That’s the only question right?

L: No. That’s great. Now let’s get to the real reason you are here.Your girlfriend started a blog and in a short 2 months has been heralded as”an inspiration to other people who have stuff going on.” How does that make you feel?

 BF: Inspired!

L: That’s short but sweet I guess. Do you ever get jealous that your girlfriend is more internet famous than you?

BF: Not really. She can have the fame thing. I just want to make music and get stuff off my chest. This “Fame” thing is for the birds.

L: Would you ever consider being on a reality television show with her?

BF: Nope! Not happening! This interview is over! *Storms out*

L: Will you continue the interview if she bakes you cookies?

BF: *Walks back in and sits down*

L: So you released a new EP today. Tell us a little bit about it.

BF: It’s a 4 song EP that I recorded with a good friend of mine, local musician Ian Foster. I wanted to try out a new sound with a full band and this seemed like a great way to do it. So I got together with some great musicians and we made, what I believe to be, a great sounding record. It’s feels good as well to have written some, as my mother would say, “nice” songs. My last record was a breakup record so this is a nice change of pace.

L: I assume that’s because you are currently in such an amazing relationship. Speaking of amazing girlfriends, I’m sure everyone is dying to know if any of the songs on this EP are about your current girlfriend or if you have any plans on writing dozens of songs about her in the future?Hello? Are you still there?

BF: None of these songs are about her. I don’t always have one person in mind when I write a song. Often I’ll write a song and afterwards I’ll realize what I had on my mind when I was writing it. So maybe in the future she will be in my subconscious when I’m writing a new song.

L: We just all assume she is always in your subconscious because she is all you can think about every moment of the day. 

So where can we find your music if we’re interested in hearing more?

The easiest place to get it would probably be through iTunes. That seems to be where everybody gets everything these days. There are other digital sources though so feel free to search for me on your favourite music source. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-right-words-ep/id810969841

L: Great, thank you. Do you have any upcoming shows?

have an upcoming EP Release celebration show this Saturday. I’m going to be playing with the full band so I’m pretty excited. The show will be at The Levee in St. John’s [February 15, 2014]. You coming?

L: Only if I can bring my heating pad.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us about your new EP. One last question before we part ways. Which Disney character do you most relate to?

BF: Dalmatian #67.

L: I would have said Hans from Disney’s Frozen. But I guess you can’t choose him because you refuse to watch the movie with me.

BF: Actually…I’d like to change that to Dalmatian #42.

L: I’ll talk to my editors and see what they can do about it. 


 So there we have it, folks! An exclusive, factually inaccurate look at Boyfriend’s new EP, “My Girlfriend is Better than Your Girlfriend EP” (“The Right Words EP”)

Now dust off those cheque books and purchase it on iTunes now while quantities last!

Or if you’re a really indecisive person you can always check out these amazing and definitely real reviews of “The Right Words EP” first:

“Sounds like music.” – The Rollingg Stone*

“I don’t know who this Matthew Hare guy is but his EP is the best thing since the invention of nutella. Seriously, it’s like nutella but for your ears. Delicious music. Now I want chocolate. What were we talking about?” – Definitely not his girlfriend

“It’s like a bunch of great songs about love and life and like being real about your insecurities. And like really when you think about it we all have those things in common. So yeah, I can dig it.” – Hipster dude at bar downtown

“Moved me to tears.” – Samuel L. Jackson*

*Not to be confused with The Rolling Stone magazine
*No relation to actor Samuel L. Jackson

2 Comments on An interview with Boyfriend about his EP release today!

  1. Evan AuCoin
    February 11, 2014 at 7:54 pm (8 years ago)

    This is wonderfully farcical

  2. The Hook
    February 22, 2014 at 9:30 pm (8 years ago)

    Love that EP cover.
    Congrats, Matthew!


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